Forbidden 403

Hi, i want to ask about the configuration that (–maybe) i’ve been missed…

i want to display my pdf then i call it url (because i want it works dynamically) but when i click, there’s an error

besides, my code is

Lihat <a href="'/.../memo/' . $model->kodeMemo.'.pdf"> PDF Document </a>

hopefully,–anyone who’s read this-- can help me to find the solution is… :D

how about your access rules your controller ? I think there problem.

As the error message says, you are specifying the pdf file name literally as “’/.../memo/’ . $model->kodeMemo.’.pdf”.

It could be something like this:

Lihat <a href="../memo/<?php echo $model->kodeMemo;?>.pdf">PDF Document</a>

Thanks softark, but the new errmsg is shows

is there any possibilities to fix it again? ^^'v

For Hermans : i’ve checked it, but --in my opinion-- there’s no wrong with it…

Where is the target pdf file located?

You can adjust the link url of the pdf file according to it.

It can be an absolute url like "" or a relative url from the current page like "../memo/xxx.pdf".

is it a 404 not found or a 403 forbidden?!?!