For decoding your whole yii2 project

Can anyone give me a small code for decoding your whole yii2 project with simple code which will be applied for the whole project?

What do you mean exactly?

actuall i have developed a big project but in that project in every modules like admin module student module etc there will some textboxes right for creating updating and all, in php html_entity_decode() function is used to convert HTML entities to characters the same way what is code used in yii2 framework that can be applied for all the textboxes in the project.

is this clear

Use the helper for each property you want to encode Probably the best way is to implement the changes in beforeSave() event. If you would like to do it globally then create a model, extend it with AR and extend the current model with the created. In that model create beforeSave() event, then define an array with properties to encode and call the event in each model.

thank you ::)

can give me the right code. Iam little confused