Following an extension or wiki article

Our project site can now allow a user to follow extensions or wiki articles on the site.

To do so, simply visit your favorite extension/wiki article page, and click on the star icon right below the title. (Note, if you are not logged in, you will be redirected to login page first.)

You will then receive an email notification whenever a change or a new comment is made to the extension or wiki article that you are following.

You can also see all extensions/wiki articles that you are following on your account profile page.

This feature is inspired by google project’s starring functionality.

Thanks to mdomba who is the main force behind this feature.

Nice addition. Will definitely use it.

Issue: "2 follower" should be "2 followers".

Thanks for this feature, authors will be up to date with comments and be able to reply asap. Congrats.

Greate and useful feature! Thanks!


That’s really helpful.

I see that the authors already where added as followers, right? Very nice, thanks again!

Nice, good job!

Yes, all authors where automatically added as followers for the content they posted already…

More info on this feature:

  • A user is automatically added as follower if he creates, updates or comments a wiki article or extension.

  • If an author/user does not want any new notification he can "un-star" himself and will not be added as a follower again even if he updates or comments on that wiki article or extension… until he explicitly "stars" himself again…

Thanks a lot!

very useful … thanks !