Followed Front/back Login Guide, Now How To Access Crud Pages?

So I followed this guide:

in order to create front and back logins. It worked great, now I have front and back login pages and can log in to them with separate tables.

Now, however, I have some url problems. Generally I’d be able to access the gii-created CRUD pages with the url (http removed so I can post the url):


But now I get:

"TablenameController cannot find the requested view "index"."

All controllers are now in folders "back" and "front", so I suppose it cannot find the tablename-folder in views, outside of controllers/back/TablenameController.

I tried to add Tablename to the menubar in layout/main.php as well, but with the url problems I don’t get very far. I’ve tried

array('label'=>'Tablename', 'url'=>array('Tablename/index'))

but cannot find view index.

Which part of the controller do I change to reflect the change in directories? Or is it not controller that I need to change, but something else?

Thank you very much in advance, all help is much appreciated. I apologize in advance for possibly stupid questions.