Folder structure by domain vs class type

Two different ways to organize your folders:

  • By class type


  • By domain


Yii application example uses the first type. I’m thinking the second alternative might put files together in a single folder that have tighter coupling. E.g. PostController has tight coupling with PostEntity, PostRepository, PostDTO, etc, not so much with CommentController.

Second alternative might be better to isolate change.


Edit: Oh, you actually did this in the Yii example app. Great! yii-demo/src at master · yiisoft/yii-demo · GitHub

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That’s the way to go. The only thing is:

Cohesion, not coupling.

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Wait wait. Cohesion is a metric for a single class? And coupling a metric for how two classes interact? Or did I get that wrong?

Yes, you did. Both metrics are for a module(s) which is multiple classes.

Well, there are cohesive metric for classes, too. LCOM, for example: Project Metrics Help - Cohesion metrics

Well, yes. You can measure cohesion of methods as well.