Folder permission problems / Gii

Ok I moved my protected folder out of my web root. Now when I go into Gii I keep getting permission errors whenever I try to create something. I am running circles at the moment. Do I need to open up my permissions while I build then turn them off before going live? I hope there is another way to go about doing things instead but I need to bounce this off others.

Is this a problem with me moving the protected folder or did something happen to my folder permission on my dev box?

The trick is to only use Gii on your development server (localhost) - so that you don’t have to reset permissions on your production server. :)

Or, said backward: do not ever run Gii on a production server.

Just use it to generate and then copy the generated files over to the development server using FTP.

Or, if it’s on the same server, then different roots.

All IMO, of course.

Thanks jacmoe, I had some funny stuff happening with my permissions on my dev box. Finally got those sorted out and set up the right permissions for Gii in the dev environment. As you mentioned and with what I read elsewhere I will not use Gii on my production server. It is too powerful of a tool. Thanks for the input.