Fluctuating Memory Usage


is it able in Yii that the same execution of script consumes once 11.82 MB and another time 40.17 MB?

I am in developer mode on Windows 7 using wampserver. Till now I am not using cache…

How can I find what influences this fluctuation?

Thank you in advance.

Is the script identical, are you submitting exactly the same parameters? I find that data is what really makes the PHP footprint grow, a big associative array or a large set of models and memory usage explodes.

I am wondering if you are turning xdebug on and off, xdebug adds a huge amount of overhead to script execution also.

If it’s nothing obvious, you might have to ask somewhere where they are more expert on PHP internals.

I just restarted Win7 and it works properly. Unbeliavable!

Thank you for your help. :)