Fixtures Not Loading All Properties

Simply put, I have fixtures with certain properties and not all of the properties are present when I run a unit test. A sample fixture:

'1220002-3-01C' => array(

    'line_item_id' => '1220002-3-01C',

    'fiscal_year' => '12',

    'quarter' => '2',

    'sequence_number' => '0002-01',

    'submission_date' => '08/02/2012',

    'description' => NULL,

    'notes' => NULL,

    'obligated_number' => NULL,

    'credit' => NULL,

    'debit' => '100',

    'balance' => '300',

    'fms_balance' => '400',

    'charged' => false,

    'transaction_type' => '256',

    'obligated_date' => NULL,

    'obligated_amount' => NULL,

    'unobligated_balance' => NULL,

    'control_point_id' => NULL,

    'project_id' => '3',

    'balance_sheet_id' => '3'


line_item_id doesn’t get loaded, which I presumed was because it was the primary key - even though it is not autoincremented. But project_id also isn’t getting loaded. I have to load these properties (again) in the unit test. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

Arg. No sooner do I post this than I find the answer. For the curious, I’ve quoted the value of project_id in my fixture but it’s an integer in the DB. Take away the quotes and it works.

Double arg. Turns out it doesn’t work after all. Why do some properties in a fixture get loaded and some not?