fixtures in a namespace

I trying the use namespaces in my yii application. This works fine.

When unit testing models using fixtures, PHPUnit makes PHP throw a fatal error because the model class is redeclared. It seems that the autoloading mechanism tries to declare/require a class twice, once in de test setup (loading the fixtures) and once during the execution.

The class, in this case ColorLib, is defined like:

namespace application\modules\colors\models;

class ColorLib extends \CActiveRecord




and the test file:

namespace application\modules\colors\models;

class AltColorSetCalcTest extends \CDbTestCase


    public $fixtures = array(




    public function setUp()


        $this->getFixtureManager()->basePath = \Yii::getPathOfAlias(




Running the test gives:

PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare class application\modules\colors\models\ColorLib 

in /var/www/html/legen/protected/modules/colors/models/ColorLib.php on line 25

When the setUp() is commented out, the problem disappears (and is replaced by others of course because the fixtures are not set.)

Any help is appreciated.