[FIXED] Even row style of Blueprint screen css

Yii’s default CSS file – Blueprint’s screen.css – has a style that defines the background color of even row cells in a table. That reads …

tbody tr:nth-child(even) td, tbody tr.even td {background:#e5ecf9;}

This might be a nice trick for rendering tables in general, but it blocks the gridView widgets and the detailView widgets to be rendered properly in FireFox and in Chrome.

The CSS file for the gridView widget reads

.grid-view table.items tr.even


	background: #F8F8F8;



.grid-view table.items tr.selected


	background: #BCE774;


.grid-view table.items tr:hover


	background: #ECFBD4;


And the one for the detailView widget

table.detail-view tr.even




They are not applied in the rendering of the even rows of a table with FireFox and Chrome.

Meanwhile, IEs behave differently and they render those widgets as expected, although I don’t know whether it is the proper interpretation of the CSS or not.

And one of the easiest workarounds may be a change in Buleprint’s screen.css like the following

tbody tr:nth-child(even), tbody tr.even {background:#e5ecf9;}

I’ve made an issue ticket about this, and will be fixed by 1.1.7.

Fixed in 1.1.7.