First Yii Powered App For Medical Lab Management


I am new to yii. I have developed a simple application for one of our medical lab client. This is very simple application and my first Application [in Yii Framework].

Link is : Hitech Lab Application

Username : demo

Password : demo.

Hi Sivanthi,

nice one ! I’ve notices some small details that maybe could be improved :

  • on 2 pages (at least), the tool tip doesn’t displays correctly in the button column (registration/admin and patients/admin)
  • maybe the main tab header could be more reactive, and highlight the active tab so tthe user kwows here he is ?
  • in create patient form, if I don’t enter a date (which is marked as a mandatory field), no validation error is displayed and the date is saved as 1-1-1970
  • in the create patient form, I could set age to 999 … isn’t it a little bit too old to be a patient ?
  • the ‘purchase’ tab is displayed event if user has no permission to access the purchase page (you could for instance hide it)
  • I could create an expense with a 0 value amount… is it normal ?
  • The ‘report’ left col is empty (no create action or manage) … is it normal ?

Hope this helps…



Thanks Raoul for your valuable feedback.:rolleyes: