First work with Yii Framework


Where to look for a solution to this problem (The "dataProvider" property cannot be empty.) in project files ?

Usually you have to look in the action called in the controller, and you have to have something like this:

//for example: action is index and model is Menus

public function actionIndex()


	$dataProvider=new CActiveDataProvider('Menus');






hmm very interesting

in actionView() have

public function actionView() {

        $issueDataProvider = new CActiveDataProvider('Issue', array(

            'criteria' => array(

                'condition' => 'project_id=:projectId',

                'params' => array(':projectId' => $this->loadModel()->id),


            'pagination' => array(

                'pageSize' => 1



        $this->render('view', array(

            'model' => $this->loadModel(),

            'issueDataProvider' => $issueDataProvider,



in actionIndex() have

public function actionIndex() {

        $dataProvider = new CActiveDataProvider('Project');

        $this->render('index', array(

            'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,



I found the cause of this stupid error

What i do bad in rbac

firstly i created tables from example.

second change in config/main.php in modules

'authManager' => array(

            'class' => 'CDbAuthManager',

            'connectionID' => 'db',


then in commands create shell/RbacCommand.php


class RbacCommand extends CConsoleCommand {

    private $_authManager;

    public function getHelp() {

        return <<<EOD




  This command generates an initial RBAC authorization hierarchy.




     * Execute the action.

     * @param array command line parameters specific for this command


    public function run($args) {

        //ensure that an authManager is defined as this is mandatory for creating an auth heirarchy

        if (($this->_authManager = Yii::app()->authManager) === null) {

            echo "Error: an authorization manager, named 'authManager' must be con-figured to use this command.\n";

            echo "If you already added 'authManager' component in application con-figuration,\n";

            echo "please quit and re-enter the yiic shell.\n";



        //provide the oportunity for the use to abort the request

        echo "This command will create three roles: Owner, Member, and Reader and the following premissions:\n";

        echo "create, read, update and delete user\n";

        echo "create, read, update and delete project\n";

        echo "create, read, update and delete issue\n";

        echo "Would you like to continue? [Yes|No] ";

        //check the input from the user and continue if they indicated yes to the above question

        if (!strncasecmp(trim(fgets(STDIN)), 'y', 1)) {

            //first we need to remove all operations, roles, child relationship and as-signments


            //create the lowest level operations for users

            $this->_authManager->createOperation("createUser", "create a new user");

            $this->_authManager->createOperation("readUser", "read user profile in-formation");

            $this->_authManager->createOperation("updateUser", "update a users in-formation");

            $this->_authManager->createOperation("deleteUser", "remove a user from a project");

            //create the lowest level operations for projects

            $this->_authManager->createOperation("createProject", "create a new project");

            $this->_authManager->createOperation("readProject", "read project in-formation");

            $this->_authManager->createOperation("updateProject", "update project information");

            $this->_authManager->createOperation("deleteProject", "delete a pro-ject");

            //create the lowest level operations for issues

            $this->_authManager->createOperation("createIssue", "create a new is-sue");

            $this->_authManager->createOperation("readIssue", "read issue informa-tion");

            $this->_authManager->createOperation("updateIssue", "update issue in-formation");

            $this->_authManager->createOperation("deleteIssue", "delete an issue from a project");

            //create the reader role and add the appropriate permissions as children to this role

            $role = $this->_authManager->createRole("reader");




            //create the member role, and add the appropriate permissions, as well as the reader role itself, as children

            $role = $this->_authManager->createRole("member");





            //create the owner role, and add the appropriate permissions, as well as both the reader and member roles as children

            $role = $this->_authManager->createRole("owner");









            //provide a message indicating success

            echo "Authorization hierarchy successfully generated.";





and then get shell

rbac -> Yes

get Authorization hierarchy successfully generated.

But tables empty :( What i do wrong ?

I think you should have created a new topic cause you are veering off from the original problem.