First Encounter First Error

Hello, my name is viktor, this is the first day i get to know about yii

i already upload yii to my server and test the requirements… all ok, except 3 warning on:

PDO PostgreSQL extension

Memcache extension

APC extension

however the real problem arise when i try to run blog demo, it return "

Error 500

Application runtime path "/home/digital/public_html/backup/yii/demos/blog/protected/runtime" is not valid. Please make sure it is a directory writable by the Web server process.


as appear here hxxp://

the requirement test can be seen here:


please help me to pinpont the problem ? what should i do next ?

additional note: i already try chmode with 755 and 777 with no luck


chmod -R 777 .../blog/protected/runtime should be fine. You’ll also have to do the same to the .../blog/assets folder.


Silly question: did you do that on /blog/protected/runtime or maybe /blog/protected or What i’m driving at: does the folder /blog/protected/runtime exists on your server?


Hello yoshi, those silly question solved the problem…

the problem exist when i extract the zip, runtime displays as file instead folder… maybe the .zip file i uploaded is corrupt.

reupload and extract finally solved the problem…

regarding Yii Requirement Checker, got warning on Memcache extension and APC extension , any idea what risk i carry with those warning ? how to solve the problem ?

memcache and apc cache are both php caching extensions Yii incorporates into it’s framework along with other type of caches such as DB cache, XCache and file cache. Nothing serious though it’s recommended that you have either APC cache or Xcache installed on your server to improve performance.