First attempt at YII

I felt curious about Yii, object oriented concepts and MVC architecture. I wish to get started with Yii but am not used to any object oriented programming. I know the concepts but not done any oop work. Also MVC is new to me. I wish to create a student registration website. Pl give a step by step writeup on ‘How to get started with Yii - step by step for a OOP newbie’.

Students use a username,password to upload their photograph, key in their personal details including academic details - in which college they study etc.

College authorities view the details and give a confirmation as to the authenticity of the candidate and the details furnished.

The details of the confirmed students are printed out in pdf and the data backed up in csv format (on a daily basis)


I would suggest that you start on the Yii tutorials site and work through the guides/tutorials starting with The Definitive Guide to Yii.

Here in Tips, Snippets and Tutorials forum you maybe find total fresher in php frameworks and yii i dont understand tutorials helpful.

Start small and try to understand the basics from the beginning.