First App creation problems

Hi all,

I am stuck creating first app. I’ve read hundreds of tutorials and most people talks about “yiic” command and “framework” folder… and i don´t have such a file and folder, in fact “framework” folder is no part of the file structure in yii 2.

Anyway, I´ve tried Ubuntu and windows installation and nothing.

Xampp is working fine, all the services are running fine, in fact i can run phpmyadmin and work with databases.

So, if a follow the instruction “yiic webapp …/htdocs” i get a message “yiic is not a valid file”… because it doesn’t exist, then if a write instead “yii webapp …/htdocs” i get a message “php is not a valid win32 application”

I previously edited the system variable adding the path to php… etc. and same problem…

Any ideas?



What version of Yii are you dealing with?