Firestart your Yii2 project

I made a template to start prototyping with yii2 in an instant.

It’s already available through packagist, so you can even use this command:

$ composer create-project hunwalk/yii2-basic-firestarter <yourProject> --stability=dev

Everything else is in the readme, but nonetheless here is a real short summary about this:

  • dotenv configuration,
  • dektrium user management and rbac by default
  • controllermaps inside the console config for migrations (separating the 3rd party migrations)
  • extended user, with api key features (upon enabling httpBearerAuth access control will work in that controller by sending a bearer token. more infomation and docs are coming soon…and a hotfix because there is a bug i’ve just found)
  • api key generation upon registration
  • and more…i think…

If you’ve found a bug or have an idea about improving this project,just hit the github repo right away :smiley:

Have a nice…coding time :slight_smile:

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dektrium user management ?! it looked like a dead module!!