Firebird adapter

I’ve updated the firebird adapter originally created by idle sign.

I’d say it is now beta quality. And it works with gii, at least as far as model generation and CRUD form generation are concerned.

One of the problems with supporting Firebird was a limitation in the PDO_Firebird driver itself. There was no support for retrieving rows affected by a DML operation. I submitted a patch for this and it is now supported in PHP 5.3.4.

All feedback gratefully received.

And where can we find it ?

Oops, I missed the ‘Attach This File’ button

Hopefully it is now attached.

Yeap! Now, its attached! :]

Can you provide a link to an original work, you updated, so other users can be a bit more familiar on what are you talking about? :} Thanks! :]

Good work, thanks for sharing… this is getting better and better.

Here you go…

Thank you! :] And have a great New Year’s Eve party! :]

Hey, great job.

I hope ActiveRecord to support Firebird soon. This is an excellent start. It works like a charm.


i cant run the firebird adapter. i follow the instruction carefully and i skip the last part.

the getSchema() where insert the case:‘firebird’ in the switch. badly to say there is no switch statement under the getSchema().

I think this adapter is ready for inclussion in yii-core, what do you think?

Everytime I update the Yii core in my web server I have to "re-write" the code to add the adapter to the ActiveRecord :S

Kioske: just add

‘firebird’ => ‘CFirebirdSchema’, to the driverMap. This is a new technique in > yii-1.1.6.

But i have another, interesting problem. I get this error message:

Fatal error: Access level to CFirebirdSchema::createTable() must be public (as in class CDbSchema) in /var/www/yii-1.1.8/framework/db/schema/firebird/CFirebirdSchema.php on line 16

When setting the function to public, i get this error message:

Declaration of CFirebirdSchema::createTable() should be compatible with that of CDbSchema::createTable()

Now - WHO of them is right? How to fix this curious bug? ;)


I downgraded to yii-1.1.5 and EVERYTHING is working FINE now. Thanks for this

great Firebird Schema!! Maybe i try to port it to yii-1.1.8 the next days. Keep the good work up, guys!

You just need to rename createTable to loadTable in CFirebirdSchema to fix this. No need to revert to an older version of yii just for this.

Hallo Guys,

Thanks for this informative discussion about Yii and Firebird,

However when i try to generate a model, i get this error 'Column names that does not follow PHP variable naming convention:.I use .FDB extension for firebird.anybody who can help me fix this

am new to yii


What column names are you using?

for example i have a table called MEMBERS with column names MEMBER_NO,FIRSTNAME,SURNAME,…etc

There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the examples you posted.

Have you tried working through the Larry Ullman tutorial?

Or maybe you could try with a really simple table and gradually add extra columns?

I’ve updated the firebird adapter.

Please take a look: