Fipick ( is a website that helps people find and share recommendations in their lives. It provides an online platform for users to search, vote, write, and promote recommendations (just try it yourself :) ). It has just been launched today so currently it doesn’t have a lot of recommendation lists. Feel free to share your own recommendations there.

Fipick was built on Yii framework 1.1.15 with the help of various extensions. Thank you very much to all Yii developers for providing this awesome framework!

You can find out more about Fipick here and if you have suggestions or problems in using this site, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Constructive feedback are always appreciated. :D

Nice site… Do you mind to let me know are you use any extension for user profile? Thanks…

Thanks. :) For user profile page I use Yiistrap (for tab, tooltip, listview, dialog, etc.) and PrettyPhoto (for previewing user’s image) extensions.

Nice work man :)

Thanks a lot, Rohit. Just approved your friend request. :)

BTW, any suggestions to improve the site, guys?

Thanks much for your reply. Besides Yiistrap and Prettyphoto, do you using any extension for social functionalities? e.g user profile, friendship and etc.

The current social functionalities are very simple, so I don’t use a specific extension for them beside Yiistrap, which is used for GUI elements.

Let me know if you have other questions. I will be glad to answer. :)