findBySql gave me syntax error but phpmyadmin didn't

I got syntax even though there wasn’t one

look for right syntax to use near

 'WHERE post_id = 1  AND category_id = 1' at line 1. 

The SQL statement executed was:

 WHERE  guide_id = 1 AND category_id = 1	

I used


… the $sql u can see above.

I tried to run the sql that was executed directly in phpMyadmin and chive and got no errors, it returned the expected row.

solved it by using…

Model::model()->find('post_id=:post_id AND category_id=:cat_id',

array( ':post_id'=>$model->id,':cat_id'=>$id,


…instead but it is more code and more complex for absolutely no reason (in this case)



yii 1.1.9

windows 7


findBySQL isn’t expecting the data from your WHERE claus as the first parameter, it’s expecting a full query. You’re literally just trying to execute:

WHERE post_id = 1  AND category_id = 1

Which of course is invalid.