Findby[Columnname]() Implicit Call Like In Symfony2


In my workplace I use Symfony2, for my hobby projects Yii :). And in Symfony2 I found a very useful function. I can call on every column name the findBynameOfColumn function implicitly! I can automaticly call from the Symfony, and this is great, because I don’t have to explicit create this methods.

For example:

Table’s columns:





And I can call the findByName(), findByPrice too (of course the Name and Price are really the entity’s field names). I don’t have to write these functions. For me this is very helpful.

Will it be avalaible in Yii 2.0?

I tried found in the framework’s classes. But I haven’t discovred this functionality.

My personal opinion is that this is absolutely useless feature, and I have no idea why other frameworks keep implementing it.

Model::find(['columnName' => $value])

is already short enough. It’s the equivalent of Model::find()->where([‘columnName’ => $value])->one();

Anyway, you can implement this feature by yourself. Use magic method __callStatic() for it.

public static function __callStatic($name, $arguments) {

    if (...$name looks like findBySomething...) {

        // make sure that the field exist in schema

        // create AQ instance, add andWhere([$field_name => $arguments[0]), 

        // return AQ or call one() and return AR

    } else {

        // call parent implementation (that will raise exception)



See BaseActiveRecord::find() for examples how it can be done.

No, it will not be implemented.