Findall With Condition

hello people

I was wondering if it is possible to export data to PDF with conditions

but because we can filter data when exporting to PDF appears everything is in the database

I want to put a condition on the export

example want it exports between DateX until DateY

It depends on how you do your export.

Technically, exporting is pretty much the same as displaying, but w/o pagination.

Let’s consider the following simple example:

$criteria = new CDbCriteria;



$criteria->order = '...';

if ($export)

    $pages = new CPagination(MyModel::model()->count($criteria));

    $pages->pageSize = 10;



    $criteria->addCondition(...); // some extra conditions

    $list = MyModel::model()->findAll($criteria);


    $this->render(..., array('list' => $list));

} else {

    $list = MyModel::model()->findAll($criteria);

    //export data to pdf


$criteria here is reusable for either rendering html or exporting pdf.

PS. Some extra steps required if you have a lot of data, to prevent memory limit exceed.