Filtering Using Cgridview

Hey guys.

Im working on a database for wines, and our databse is growing big and i wrote a browsing-page based on CGridView with ajax search-filter.

I allso wrote a category filter that lists all countries (and a few other categorizing columns) in the sidebar, and when a user clicks it, it store the category in a cookie, refresh the page and display the choosen country with a X after insted of the list of countries.

Now this does NOT feel 2014 at all, it does not feel yii at all and it certainly aint best practice.

Any suggestions on how to implement this feature in a more ajax and yii-ish fashion? jQuery is not my stron suit, so a link to a tutorial would be greatfully appriciated!

Thanks in advance, fellow Yii’ers.

Its like google when you search for images, you can choose a color and that color appears as a selection and the results updates. But without the page refresh and the use of cookies as i have.