Filtering & getParam


I use the custom url’s with the urlManager

When I go to this page, I get a list of books, from the subcategorie in the category schoolbooks

No I want to add filtering, like the state of the article, the ordering, the binding, …

So I thought to add params, like this:

But when I do this, I got an error “Object not found”, is there a way I can add params and custom URL’s?

It looks that the rule that create the first url fails to decode when you create the second.

Try to work on the rule in order to work correctly even in the second case. You should get an url like

I want an url with al the base params (cat/schoolbooks/49-mathematics)

Up … ?

can you post your URL rules?

'cat/<categoryTitle>/<subcategory:\d+>-<subcategoryTitle>' => 'categories/show',

'cat/<category:\d+>-<title>' => 'categories/show',

'uitgever/<id:\d+>-<name>' => 'item/publisherlist',

'auteur/<id:\d+>-<name>' => 'item/authorlist',

I cannot test right now as I have time only to check new posts… but try to add * to the first rule like

'cat/<categoryTitle>/<subcategory:\d+>-<subcategoryTitle>/*' => 'categories/show',

that should cover all additional params