Filter For Dinamic Property


I need some help with the following scenario:

I have a Ticket model, which has Close Date ("Dia Cierre" in spanish) attribute.

I managed to add a column (within Ticket admin view) called "Pending" ("Pendiente" in spanish) who is calculated depending on "Close Date":

  • If Close Date is NULL, Pending is YES.

  • If Close Date is not NULL, Pending is NO.

Now I need to add the filter for Pending column. But I do not know If I’m doing right. I also do not know how to define the search criteria within Ticket model.

Ticket admin view:








			'filter' => Ticket::getIsPendingFilter(),	


Ticket model:

public $filterPendiente;

public static $isPending = array('0'=>'YES','1'=>'NO');

public static function getIsPending($key=null)



			return self::$isPending [0];

		return self::$isPending [1];



	public static function getIsPendingFilter()


		return self::$isPending ;