files and greek charracters

I am creating on the fly a zip file with some files on the server and then I download it.

The problem ia that the 2 classes I tried can not read greek variables.

What can I do?

Too few information, to be able to help you:

  • What 2 classes are you talking about?

  • What do you mean with "can not read greek variables"? Read what? From where? Into what?

Supposse there is the file τεστ.txt .

At zip file the name is _Ε+__Δ_Ε.txt the content is ok.At this case I use codeigniter zip class.

Another class I used is this has problem also with greeks.

And some other classes from

1.It’s no good to use greek letters in filenames.

2.If you use UTF-8 try to mb_convert the filenames

So i have this code (the problem exist)


foreach ($files as $key=>$value) {


                if (is_file($value)) {

                    if (Webfile::inPath($value,Yii::app()->user->files))



                else         if (is_dir($value)) {

                        if (Webfile::inPath($value,Yii::app()->user->files))




I did a print_r(webfile::findFiles($files[0]));exit(); before the loop and the greek name appears, so the problem muxt be at zip classes.

The program is a back-up manager so the greeks are not up to us :rolleyes:

I use the zipFile class by Eric Mueller and have no problem with Greek Filenames (The truth is that I tested greek filenames on Windows machine on Unix there might be a problem)

Check the following link

Thanks, but I find the error Undefined variable: crc at line 62, I put comments there but the zip file is damage.

Anyway is this maybe because something is missing for the setup of greeks at debian?.

There were no greek support and they install something.

I used this with problem with the greeks.

I found that.

Is there a solution according to the last post?

Don’t comment it



I try it and it does the same.

I dive at ci zip class and I put mb_convert_encoding($name,"UTF-8"); and it did not became greek.

As admins said the enconding of debian linux is el_GR.UTF-8.

what should I put at mb_convert_encoding?

Try mb_convert_encoding($name,"ISO-8859-7","UTF-8");

but the @ shou;d work except if there are more vars that need @

The same problem with the file proble…

I will see the suggestion

For testing I use this class

So I write this code, when I give an english file name to $zipfile->create_file is ok, when I give a greek there is a problem.

So php script can not give greek characters at filename, the format of the php file suppose to be utf-8.

what is wrong?

      $zipfile = new zipfile; // Create an object

$zipfile->create_dir("."); // Add a subdirectory - must be done.  If a subdirectory is not wanted, just simply add one named "." as shown here


// Add the data of the file that is wanted, and the full path to it in the zip.

// Allow user to download file

header("Content-type: application/zip");

header("Content-disposition: attachment;filename=\"\"");

echo $zipfile->zipped_file();

Wait a second

The problem is with the zip’s filename or with the filenames inside the archive?

The problem now is with the filenames inside the archive.

For example I put in archive the test.txt and at zip archive appears _Ε+__Δ_Ε.txt .

The content seems to be ok.

[edit]This problem has and the CI zip class, can read the content but can not set the greek name of the file inside the archive.

At unix console the filenames are like /306/208/309 etc.

The unix encode is el_GR.UTF-8.

Php can read the greek file name but can write the right enconding at zip files.

Yes, I see that i got the same problem with the zip class I use,

The zip filename is OK but the files inside are not

Someone said that may be it’s problem with zip extension.

I am using 5.3 php, so zip does not support greek?Previous versions?

I wrote a very basic java program ana had the same problem!

I found truezip for java and at windows were ok with greeks and Chilkat.Zip for php but I did not test it till now

I have never had encoding problems with java (But also I have never used java zip libraries)

I’’’ check the php library when I find time