File Name for Static Pages with Hyphen in URL

I’ve been able to create static pages through the SiteController using the ViewAction class. My understanding is that the Yii file naming convention for views is lowerCamelcase. Is it possible to have static view files lowerCamelcase but have the url have hyphens in it?

For example, if I name the static view file designProcess.php, then will display the view file properly.

However, if I want to use, then I have not been able to figure out a way to route that to display the designProcess.php file. I can rename the view file design-process.php, but that goes against the Yii naming convention.

I realize I could create a function actionDesignProcess() in the SiteController and with the proper rule in the urlManager, route design-process to actionDesignProcess(), but I’d prefer to use the ViewAction class for static pages.

Any help would be appreciated.