File Input Widget

I am using file input Attachment_50 by Kartik-v in a yii2 project. and i am opening the form in a modal, but the file input sends no data. if i open the form directly without modal i can upload the image. but if i open it in modal the file input is empty.

You need to be specific on what is the error you are facing (or what you are doing in your case to reach the error)? There should be no problem rendering a FileInput widget inside a modal.

There is a working example of a FileInput widget display within a bootstrap Modal window on the demo site advanced usage section.

Your form markup and other inputs should be embedded within the modal dialog content (just like you have for the FileInput widget in the example).

Thank You for your reply. I have solved this problem. as Modal use the ajax request to send the form data, it was not searilizing the file input field. but it worked with

var formData = new FormData($('form')[0]);

once again thank you for your reply