File and Image manipulation - model or controller?


it’s not exactly an yii question, but more mvc. I have some ar models with file and image fields and I just wondered where to handle the file upload and image manipulation - in the controller or in the model, what is the best practice? I prefer to do it in the model, because I have to upload and manipulate files for one model in several controllers, but in all tutorials the file is uploaded in the controller.

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Usually, the best practice for that kind of operation is to write it in the controller.

But it is just a best practice, not a rule. The focus should be on solving the problem.

Maybe the best solution is to have a library in the form of an extension, behavior or other component that can be used from your controllers.

A possible, reusable solution: Create an application component that does the actual job of transforming and saving/deleting files. Save paths and transformation parameters can be configured in application’s config file as properties of the component. Then write a model behavior that handles onBeforeSave and onBeforeDelete events via this application component.