Field value dependant error message in activeform?

Hi folks,

I am a bit stuck with this one.

Is there any way to change the message displayed by activeform depending on the field value?

Example - I have created an address form. For this form, I have created a validator (both client and serverside) that validates the postcode format against the the country entered so the JS simply gets the country ID from it’s field then looks the country up against an array, finds the REGEX pattern for that country’s postcode then tests if the entered postcode is valid. I would preferably like to be able to return a specific error message i.e. ‘This postcode format is not correct format for Spain’, naming the country rather than just a single, generic error message ‘This postcode is not correct for the country selected’. This is really just a minor detail but I was wonder if it is actually possible?

As always, all help appreciated.


Seems I just use the addMessage function. Wow, that was an oversight on my part! :mellow: :mellow: :mellow: :mellow: :mellow: