FCKEditor configuration

I have installed FCKEditor per Larry Ullman’s specs and it works great. I want to limit the toolbar to “safe choices”. I have edited the fckconfig.js file in the fckeditor folder at the application root, but the changes do not appear in the widget on the form page.

Here’s what I have for the toolbarsets:

FCKConfig.ToolbarSets["Default"] = [











	['FitWindow','ShowBlocks','-','About']		// No comma for the last row.

] ;

Can you see anything wrong?



Whatever you do, be sure to clean out the assets folder first, before going nuts. :)

I couldn’t get FCKEditor to accept changes to it’s configuration. Tried deleting all content in assets and restarting everything.


I went to TinyMCE. Smooth as silk! I researched it and got it installed, running, and properly configured in 30 minutes.

Here’s to smooth!



I like TinyMCE as well - it is unbeatable. :)