i try using fb gallery but i got this error

Undefined index: id


i’m using Vista.

Thank you.

check this topic:


Hi, i have a same problem.

Any ideas for this issue? ???

I have the same problem… As far as I see there is no solution yet.

You can use the old version… :(

in FBGallery.php there is this function

	private function preparations()


		/** actuall page id from link */

		$pid = $_GET["id"];

		$this->pid = $this->pid ? $this->pid : $pid;

		$this->pageTitle = $this->owner->pageTitle;

		// $this->pageTitle = $this->owner->metas->title;


just change it to

$pid = @$_GET['id'];


$pid = isset($_GET['id']) ? $_GET['id'] : null;

I tried both version - it works

now the problem:


Trying to get property of non-object

What should I do? This is not a user friendly extension… :(

I got a solution

"… Go into your database ‘galleries’ table and just drop in a row and set pid = 1.

When you call your FBGallery widget use the pid you used in the table row."

I did that

Now the new error messages

Non-static method Uploader::loadUploaderConfiguration() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context


I have never used fbgallery extension before but here is the thing that arises the problem ( i checked the sourse ).

Quote from PHP:


You have to disable E_STRICT in yii error_reporting somehow because thats whats making the problem happen. I didn’t know that you can do something like this in PHP:


This extension is not finished i think. Its better to use the old ones because they are more stable than this