Fb gallery not displayed

I am new to yii. I am using the fbgallery. I downloaded fbgallery-v2.0.1-xmas.zip and extracted it to the extension folder. I am working in WAMP environment. Created a gallery folder and a page and pasted $this->widget(‘application.extensions.fbgallery.fbgallery’); inside the page.

I have also run the fbgallery.sql which created three tables albums,collection and galleryconfig.

when I browse the page in Firefox 11.0 (only browser i use) I get a message in the page

There isn’t any album or collection on this page!

How to overcome this problem

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I added the parameter

array(‘pid’=>‘1’) in the following statement

$this->widget(‘application.extensions.fbgallery.fbgallery’, array(‘pid’=>‘1’));

Now I don’t get the line

There isn’t any album or collection on this page!

but instead get white frame

expecting an early reply

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I have exactly the same problem. Does anybody know how to solve the problem??

Additional question: how do I call the admin panel?

Thanks for help!

Same problem here.

How can I use this extension correctly?

I followed all steps but can’t view or admin the gallery.

Update: After some more tests and after inserting some random data into the tbl_collections and tbl_albuns i can see more info on the page that i’m displaying


but i still can’t figure out how to access the admin area where i can create albuns, collections, and upload images from the website.

Update2: Seems that we need to change a few more settings, this gallery is only working for “demo” and “admin” users and there’s more info depending on the user type.

Check FBAccess.php and change to what you need.

"Customize fbgallery if is needed:

To customize how fbgallery will treat users level, change the function personalisedMode() from /libs/general/FBAccess.php"

Thank you WebDevPT for the hints.

After some changes, e.g. I changed all $levelAccess =2 and some @ to avoid error-messages I could upload and display some images. But changing the album, I distroyed the layout.

FBGallery seems to be a nice extension, but not fit to be implemented by a newbie like me. So I will stop working on it and try another extension.

Suggestion to the developers:

a working, downloadable demo-version would be of great help! A good example is the Demoblog of yii. For me it was one of the best sources to start learning!

But in any case - thanks to you guys, who developed a nice extension and put in a lot of effort in it!!

Kind regards!