Fb Authentication-Login-For Yii-2

I am trying to create a yii2 based project, i can’t figure out how to use facebook login to authenticate and create users in my yii2 based project.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated

I was going to ask the same question. I know part of the answer is you have to have the FB SDK for php installed. Kartik has created a module that included the FB php sdk, which you can get by installing Kartik’s social module. Using composer to install makes it very easy to install and just follow the config instruction. This module includes widgets to do FB sharing and liking and also support Google and other social components. The FB widgets were incredibly easy to implement.

The harder task of course is implementing FB login and create users. I’m hoping we can get some instruction or a wiki on how to use this with the advanced template. I’ll be amazed if this ends up being as simple as so many of the other aspects of Yii 2.0. It really is an awesome framework. And thanks again to Kartik for contributing a lot to that ease of use with his modules, wikis, and support in the forum.