Favourite Tools

OK I’ve seen a few similar posts, but most seem to revolve around the IDE.

Web development doesn’t end there so what else do you use?

I develop on Windows and deploy to Linux.


IDE -> Netbeans 6.8

Text Editor -> Notepad++


Design/Development -> MySQL Workbench

Management -> Navicat

FTP -> Filezilla

Webserver -> XAMPP

Terminal (remote access) -> Bitvise Tunnelier (includes SFTP and tunneling)

SVN -> TortoiseSVN

Debugging -> Firebug (Firefox plugin)


Create/Edit -> Fireworks

Colour Picker -> ColorZilla (Firefox Plugin)

Colour Schemes -> Color Scheme Designer

Video Conversion -> Handbrake

No need to follow my format but what are your favourite and commonly used tools or what can’t you live without?

I work in Windows, all code resides in Linux.


IDE -> Netbeans 6.8

Text Editor -> Notepad or Editplus, but lately I’ve just been sticking to Netbeans


Design/Development/Management -> SQLYog

(S)FTP -> WinSCP

Webserver -> (remote) Apache or nginx (my preference)

Terminal (remote access) -> Putty

Code Versioning -> (remote) SVN via CLI

Debugging -> Firefox Console or Chrome Console

i develope on Windows, deploy on Linux.

  1. Editplus then to Ultraedit now

  2. cuteftp as ftp client

  3. putty to ssh to hosting server

  4. Xampp as web server

  5. Mysql

  6. search and replace

  7. colorspy to pickup colors

  8. phpmyadmin as Mysql management

If you ever feel limited by phpmyadmin, you ought to check out one of the MySQL interfaces available. I personally liked phpmyadmin when I first found it, and was frustrated after working with it for a couple of years. Finding SQLYog (Community Edition is great) was the best thing that’s happened for me regarding MySQL :slight_smile:

Another option I came across the other day is ‘Chive’.

It looks really good and it’s actually coded in Yii!

I develop and deploy on Ubuntu


Mysql workbench

Mysql Administrator




Checked the website out, looks nice :slight_smile:

Yeah, really nice I’m using it everyday :)

Develop on linux (usually ubuntu) and deploy to *nix or bsd.

VIM for any coding.

MySQL CLI Shell/Postgres Shell for anything database related.

cli scp/ssh/rsync




Servers are usually custom built, ubuntu server/centos/lfs.


Not to forget screen…

Usually i keep my screen session open when i leave my office. When i come home and have a glorious idea, i fire up putty, enter screen -R -D and am right where i have left.

Good point, It’s the tiny little utilities that save you that extra bit of time that are often the ones that people don’t know about.

For instance when I was helping a windows server admin who was doing some remote work on an ubuntu server install I noticed that he was fully typing out pathnames when changing directories.

He just didn’t know that you could hit tab in bash to auto-complete, needless to say he spends a lot less time typing now :)