Fatal error: Class 'yii\\base\\Model' not found in

I tryed to implment the "File upload" functionality into my application from this URL:


The Problem is, that the Class UploadForm extends the Yii-Base-Model Class and if Yii trys to instanziate the Class UploadForm there is an Problem to load the Model class.(see errol.log )

Here the first lines of the UploadForm Class.

namespace app\models;

use yii\web\UploadedFile;

use yii\base\Model;

class UploadForm extends Model

I have checkt in my yii framework if all the used classes available:

 find . -name CModel*




find . -name CUploade*


Can someone help me to solve this problem please? It seems an "beginner" problem?

Thank you

The guide you are trying to follow is for Yii2 but you downloaded and installed Yii1.

If you just began to learn Yii then skip version 1.x and start with 2.x. It’s stable and mature enough for any kind of project.

Thany you for the information. I haven’t realised the Yii 2 header.

My application is Yii 1 so that I need a file upload functionality for Yii 1.Thank’s for your post.