Fatal error: Allowed memory size of ...

I get the following error when I configure a module layout in the main.php config file


Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 92161 bytes) in /var/www/plumproject/protected/views/layouts/customer.php on line 3

,but when I call it in my controller just before I render a view, without the main.php configuration set, it works perfectly

Any takers?  :)

Modify your php.ini to increase the memory size. Larger memory is needed when you load a lot of PHP extensions including those PDO drivers.

qiang, I increased the memory_limit to 32M, got the same error, I then increased it to 64M, and still got the same error, then I increased it to a whopping 128M and it worked, but only a blank page was displayed  :-\

hmm…seems it was caused by something else. Try to locate any infinite recursive calls in your code?

My addressbook module is still running out of the box. I have not added any custom code. It is as created through yiic tool, with no modifications

Figured out what my problem was. Every controller within my module uses a layout per controller, so I accidentally set the module layout value in my config to a controller specific layout value …my bad  :P