Fancybox Multiple Images

Hello all, I am a beginner programmer trying to learn how to use yii and it’s extensions to make simple sites right now. I have downloaded the fancybox extension and it seems to work fine, here is the code:

<?php echo CHtml::link("<img src=“img/dog”/>","#photo", array(‘class’=>‘gallery’)); ?>

<div style="display:none">

<div id="photo"><img src="img/dog" /></div>






            'titleShow' =&gt; true,

            'scrolling' =&gt; 'yes',








However I find now I am stuck. I cannot find a way to add more photos to the extension to make mini gallery. I have tried copying the code and posting it below however even if I change the image it will only use the image from the first array of fancybox. Please help, thank you