FancyBox like in gii module

I want a FancyBox like that one in the gii module code generator. I have downloaded the EFancyBox extension and made it run. The first time when i press the link the fancybox is properly displayed and i close it, but i try to load the second time a blank window appears with no content. Here is the code:

<?php echo CHtml::link($url,"#data", array('id'=>'iframe')); ?>

<div style="display:none"> 

    <div id="data"><iframe src="<?php echo $url; ?>"

    frameborder=0 width=1024 height=768 scrolling=yes></iframe></div> </div> 

<?php $this->widget('application.extensions.fancybox.EFancyBox', 

    array( 'target'=>'a#iframe', 'config'=>array( 'scrolling' => 'no', 'titleShow' => true, ), ) ); ?>


Thanks in advance!

look at firebug