Fake Email Via Contact Form

Hy everyone!

Some days ago, and today I got an email. The mail is:

Send: wumacqfate

Email address: jfjkfnazxa@tzisnw.com


pwfbwmfh.ufdiojd, cjbqamwqzz , sapupuoazf, http://www.waluyhgewu.com/ cjbqamwqzz

(this editor cut out the links, but it has some)

So, my question, and in this case my problem - is anybody got any mails like this above??

It seems like, spam robots can destroy the "Yii captcha protection"??

Any idea??

You can visit this contact form here: http://www.leg-technic.hu/kapcsolat

it’s hungarian, but you will understand it ;)

(sorry my horrible english)

This seems more like someone entered it manually, if it was a bot you would get multiple mails not only one.

dont be surprised when you get more mails like this from now on

sorry, but can you explain this

(maybe my bad english the case, why i dont understand, what you explain exactly)

Are you sure??

Maybe that bot tried 10x times, and that was the only one, when it was luky

later I put some more data into this mail (ip, client… something), I hope that will help me to understand what happend exactly.

I would be sure only if I was the one who sent that email, but that is not the case… I’m just guessing…