Facet Search, Advance Search, Advanced Filters, Ebay Filter Style?

I have seen Drupal’s very useful facetapi/searchapi. Their idea is to index all the content in the database that is searchable and then you can create facet blocks for the content in view.

I would like to do something similar in Yii. But i don’t even know where to start!!

Would i use the Gridview and then just create a filter widget (would this cause to much execution time).

My aim is to have something very much like the eBay filtering system on the left hand side. If anyone could help point me in the right direction it would be great.

Yes i did the same job , just before two weeks with 32 tables combine.

Yes use it, for performance i use


tips which increase my performance 72 times.

IF you have any problem let me know!!!

OK Thanks, I have just found this:

But i could do what i said in my first post and cache the queries from the link you gave me and query the database as DAO.

Thought i would get back with some findings!

Basically Solr is the way!

Its quick and set up for facets, much quicker than what mysql could handle.

In my first tests at the moment, i import that data from mysql to Solr.

Then in my search function for model product,

I use the searched term for the product title. I turn Facets on and get data back within 10ms (on 1000 items).

This has the counts already sorted aswell.

I just need to add more indexing fields, and link them up into the grid.

Solr took me a day and half to set up and get basic knowledge, but its got amazing power.

Maybe I will to an article on it if I get time!