Facet as just query in sphinx and send in one go

Hi guys! I have a mulptiple sphinx query and this code I can send at a time in console:

this is my code:
SELECT id,vacancy_id,prof_area_ids,latitude,longitude from jobVacancy where prof_area_ids=199 group by vacancy_id; SELECT GROUPBY() AS prof_area_id, COUNT(DISTINCT vacancy_id) as count FROM jobVacancy WHERE prof_area_ids=199 GROUP BY prof_area_ids; SELECT GROUPBY() AS employment_id, COUNT(DISTINCT vacancy_id) as count FROM jobVacancy where prof_area_ids=199 GROUP BY employment_id;

I tryed:


but I get results only for first query.

Of course I can sending some queries as:
$first_query = yii::$app->sphinx->createCommand($myMultipleSphinxRawSQL_1)->queryAll(); $second_query = yii::$app->sphinx->createCommand($myMultipleSphinxRawSQL_2)->queryAll(); $third_query = yii::$app->sphinx->createCommand($myMultipleSphinxRawSQL_3)->queryAll();
but I think this method is not good. Because Sphinx recomends do multi queries send in one go. So how can I send this multiple sphinx queries in one go with yii2 Sphinx module?