Faceplug plugin

Hey Guys,

I am new to Yii and trying to use extensions for the first time. I want to add facebook like button to every unique post on my application. however, I am a little confused by the configuration given on http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/faceplugs/

In the usage section the author asks to create the widget… (below in quotes)

Where does this code go? In the view or the controller?

the same question here ?

  1. $og is just a property of the LikeButton widget, so you should pass this array as the widget’s parameter when rendering it.

  2. Any kind of the widget should always be rendered inside views.


<h1>This is a view</h1>

<?php $this->widget('ext.faceplugs.LikeButton', array(

	'app_id'=>'APPID', // not needed if set in Yii configuration file

	'url' => $this->createAbsoluteUrl('/'),

	'og' => array(

		'title' => 'The coolest site on the WWW',

		'type' => 'website',

		'site_name' => 'My Awesome Site',

		'image' => $this->createAbsoluteUrl('/images/logo.gif'),


)); ?>

<p>Other X/HTML tags.</p>