Facebook Login and Verification does not work

Hello friends

I hope you can help me. After the new update on Facebook. Can the users not login or verificate the profil on my website.
Whats the probel is? my web site is www.swareo.ch
you can test it by a registration. The popup opens my website there should actually come facebook login page.

because I have given the callback link wrong? how can I find the right link for that?

Best Regards

At Facebook go to “Settings” -> “Facebook Login”. Then get to “Valid OAuth Redirect URIs” and specify an URL like “https://example.com/auth?authclient=facebook”.

Grüezi Swareo :wink:

Since facebook has also changes the permission on what fields you are requesting, maybe you have to submit a review video. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/review/how-to-submit/