Facebook Extension for Yii

I’m building a Facebook app using Yii, but I’m running into serious problems handling authentication, especially with MSIE 8.0. In MSIE, the session seems to have the authentication data it needs–but only about half of the time.


  1. Is there a Facebook extension to Yii?

  2. If not, can anyone share any kind of wrapper class, which wraps around Facebook’s javascript

    client SDK, and makes authentication seamless?

Examples, of course, would be very appreciated.




Hi Sam and thanks for the reply!

I saw the forum article you refer to, but it seems way over the top for my needs. I.e., it uses Yii’s built-in authentication to authenticate the user. It seems to me there must be a far simpler method. I want to simply grab the cookie that Facebook sets when someone is logged in, use that to authenticate; I don’t want to write my own login to facebook.

Can anyone point me to a simple, working example of a Yii application which:

  1. Uses Facebooks’ Javascript SDK

  2. Uses the Graph API PHP module provided by Facebook

I understand if the solution has to create a wrapper class to wrap around the Facebook class provided in Facebook’s PHP SDK, but I’d prefer not to do much more than that. Just a simple way to access the session cookie set by Facebook, and then use Facebook’s API.

Thanks again!


p.s. Willing to pay for a simple example which supports Facebook Oauth authentication through all of the major browsers–Firefox, MSIE, Chrome, Safari, etc.!

I posted a simple solution to this issue here:


Long time ago I developed an entile application on facebook using Yii, if I have time I will share the code :)

https://github.com/christiansalazar/crugeconnector as an alternative, it allows Google and Facebook, and have a tester to simulate both in a localhost.