Facebook.com By Yii


I’m Hoang. I’m from VietNam.

welcome you to facebook Vietnam, click link http://gamecongso.com

gamecongso.com is sns for gamer, student, …everybody, the same facebook: gameapps, blog, chat, feed, notification, wall, profile, fanpage…

gamecongso.com I use yiiframework, and memcache, redis, mysql, jquery, html,css…

if you like my project, welcome you send email for me: hoangnx.fpt@gmail.com, i will send source code for you…?

note subject email begin yii-gamecongso.com.



welcome gamecongso.com

username: haixom

password: 123456

Good one



my project


client framework jquery

have 3 server: 1 server Web, 1 server DB, 1 server Static

for ~1.000.000 user active

ccu ~ 1.000 user

welcome you login http://gamecongso.com

username: haixom

password: 123456

play game, push feed, …


Looks very nice.

Looks good.

great work

Awesome, I sent you an email. Thanks!