Extremely Slow (Session::open)

(Mariofloresg) #1

Hi All,

I am having trouble with a recently deployed yii app. It’s been working fine until today. My debugger shows very long DB queries, which I am looking into. In addition, some requests are taking for ever when the DB queries are not the issue. Here is a snippet of the debugger info showing a Session::open that took over 5 minutes (if I read the log correctly).

Time Since Previous Level Category Message
14:46:04.401 5m 32s 882ms info yii\web\Session::open Session started

Any idea what could be causing this issue?



(Alexander Makarov) #2

Check overall server load from console with top or htop. Looks like it’s heavy.

(Mariofloresg) #3

Hi samdark,

Thanks for your help. I was able to run top but from what I could tell the server was not under stress or heavy load. Although I am new to top and there is a chance that I was interpreting it wrong.

The interesting part is that I have not experienced that condition anymore. So, it could be a heavy load as you stated but temporary and intermittent.

Thanks again.