ExtJS + Yii = Ext4Yii

Hi all,

For anyone who is interested, I have released Ext4Yii 1.0 beta 2.

Please take a lookt at ext4yii.com



Good work

When are you planning to integrate the extjs desktop??

[font="Arial"][size="3"]I dream about that ext4yii will be acquired the status of free software. ([/size][/font][font=Arial][size=2]Open Source License)[/size][/font]

[font="Arial"][size="3"]it will be great, because it is the best instrument for js + php development in yii[/size][/font]

Hello all,

Ext4Yii 1.0 is released.



It is a "birth" to install it … very difficult

Once you have the ionCube stuff installed then, it is very easy. and you only have to do it once ;)


I’ll try again … I really like ExtJs and Yii

You can take one of the applications from the starter-kit folder. These are ready to be used application templates.

Hello all,

Ext4Yii Framework 1.1 is released.

Please check out ext4yii.com