ExtJS extension for Yii with new GridPanel examples

Hello all,

I have added many examples to ext4yii (the framework I am working on). I also have added

GridPanel functionality with Paging using the Yii default MVC pattern.

Please let me know what you think.



good job Gevik,is a great extension for yii,I will study your ext4yii later. come on.

btw,if you have enough time ,you can make some screenshot or some video tutorial about how to use the api step by step .


The examples are just some demos to show what you can do with ext4yii. I am also working on tutorials and documentation. It will all be available once it is ready for production.

Looks pretty nice! I’ve never used extJS before, but always wanted to, so this extension might be very handy.

My first impression from a look at the code example on the start page: It looks much more like a PRADO template than a yii-View :). I guess that’s because you started developing such a system for PRADO first (if i remember your posts over at the prado forums right). Would be nice to also have a more Yii-like view style.

Like i said, didn’t look intensively, but might a similar approach like CForm make sense? You seem to define a lot of properties and panel elements via XML. Couldn’t that also be done with a simple PHP array?

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your response.

The initial version of ext4yii was like CFrom and simple arrays. But soon I saw that ExtJS components are not easily configured using arrays. Making the system configurable by arrays would not be very useful simply because one already can define ExtJS components in arrays within JavaScript. For this there are two frameworks out there like phpext and extphp.

Using a PRADO/XML like template I also am able to provide code-completion withing netBeans IDE for this framework.

This makes creating these templates very easy (faster than PRADO)

I see, thanks for clarifying.

Hi Gevik,

Nice demos at http://ext4yii.com/api/

I want you to notice something i noticed… The different demos are opened in tabs at the right panel…

i closed the tabs to continue to open other demos… and there i noticed that the next demo i click at the treewiew… open a new tab in the first position… but also loads the content of the very first tab opened with the very first demo explored by me… so i couldnt continue to explore more demos… i just had to close the page and reload all… the page…

Please let me know if this is a bug or something that you have to fix…

BTW, i would like you to tell us… when we are going to have a download link… any date??? you said hafl 2010 'cause of the licensing discussions… but at this point is there any date?

Thank you Very much.



Hi Pablo,

I have changed the api examples page and added scrolling to the right tab panel.

Unfortunately I could not reproduce the issue you described. Which browser/version are you using? (This could be an extjs issue)

I am working on the documentation now and some application components (like built-in authentication,see demo)

Once the docs and basic tutorials are ready I can release the first betas, it probably would be v0.7 (0.5 atm)

If everything goes the way it goes now, I should be able to do the first release in two months.



Hi Gevik,

I will check the new api examples to see if the error I said is there again…

And i would try to document some steps for you to reproduce the issue with tabs…(as you say maybe an extjs issue)

If I can help with something (like working with some bytes) for you to advance this project i Would be pleaced…

I will be waiting for the download link, at this moment i am messed with Extjs, PHPEXT, YII, php… lol…



I have been working with Yii and ExtJS separately till now,

perhaps i would start with Ext4Yii in the near future.



How can migrate an existing aplication in yii to use Ext4yii?