external parameters in the URL - ButtonColumn

Hello, I have this model:




in my GridView, when I click in a ButtonColumn,I make a URL, but, I want to make the URL with parameters del modelo ($data->attribute1 and $data->attribute2) AND with external variable, for example $cont.


$this->widget('booster.widgets.TbGridView') ...


  'columns' => array(                  




                'class' => 'booster.widgets.TbButtonColumn',

                    'template' => '{view}', // botones a mostrar

                    'buttons' => array(

                        'view' => array(

                            'label' => 'Seleccionar',                                                         

                            'url'=>'Yii::app()->createUrl("nivelesmenu/crear", array("at1"=>$data->attribute1, "at2"=>$data->attribute2, "exter"=>$cont))',  //<-How to do this?





<?php $this->endWidget();

‘url’=>‘Yii::app()->createUrl(“nivelesmenu/crear”, array(“at1”=>$data->attribute1, “at2”=>$data->attribute2, “exter”=>$cont))’, //[color="#00FF00"]<-How to do this?[/color]

Tanks very much.

public class NivelesmenuController extends Controller {

	public function actionCrear($at1, $at2, $exter) {

	        // TODO Implement



Hi bro listen

Here goes a way to do that

define a variable in your model:

class Maestrante extends CActiveRecord


public &#036;str_modalidad;

set the value in your action in the controller

public function actionIndex(&#036;_mod)


	&#036;model=new Maestrante('search');

	{...some code you need here...}

	&#036;model-&gt;str_modalidad = &#036;_mod;





call the variable in the grid, in this example I made a Button "Ficha" and I call $model->str_modalidad

            'ficha' =&gt; array(

                'label'=&gt; 'Ficha',





And I pass the value to the index action using the parameter $_mod

I hope this code be helpfull… Please answer the post and tell us if it works… feedback is very important to us

Good luck my friend

Hello, Thanks for your help, but I can’t.

I defined:

class Nivelesmenu extends CActiveRecord


        public $id_usr;


     * @return string the associated database table name


	public function tableName()


		return 'nivelesmenu';



and When I try to set whit a value in my action, I have an Error: "Property "Nivelacceso.id_usr" is not defined."

in the action , only do:

$nivelacceso = new Nivelacceso('search');


Can you help me please?

Thanks very much.

Saludos desde Argentina y perdon por mi ingles, estoy apreniendo. Muchisimas Gracias :) :)

Hi man, hey do not worry about your English I’m from Cuba and I’m doing my best just like you. That’s not a problem in this forum is just that we need to use this language so most user understand us. Listen there’s a problem about the code; you define the variable in the model Nivelesmenu and call it from Nivelacceso. Of course is not define. Here post you the code:

$nivelesmenu = new Nivelesmenu(‘search’);

$nivelesmenu ->id_usr=1;

Tell me if it works keep communication my friend…

uhh I didn’t see that error!! I’m sorry!!!

It work perfectly!

Thanks very much!!

I’m new in Yii, so, sometime I don’t know how do something.

a hug from Argentina