External Action In Module

I have a module and am trying to use external action files within it.

In my DefaultController I have:

public function actions() 


		return array('people'=>array('class' => 'application.modules.mymodule.controllers.actionPeople'));


The action class exists as above, however the system returns a 404 when trying to access: index.php?r=mymodule/people

What gives?

Dear Friend

Default controller for a Module is DefaultContoller.

Default action of CController is index.

These are the default things unless we specifically overide it.

When we put something like this


It is meant like


The following is not going to work



The following is going to work



If I put actions in the module in the regular way, eg.

public function actions() 


                return array('people');


then create an action in the regular way:

    public function actionPeople()


        // do stuff


Then yes, I can access the action thus: index.php?r=mymodule/people

I would expect the same for an external action.